Update: Comrade Quest

The puzzle elements are by far the strongest aspect of Comrade Quest right now. The ones that we have right now are good, but I agree we need to have some more complex ones that challenge the players. It is my hope that we’ll have our turn-based combat working by beta too, and that combat will finally feel like a part of the game and not some straggly beet tangled in Olaf’s beard. Given the speed that our programmers are tackling the battle system, and your craftiness in finding design solutions, we’re going to have something great to show off.

Carrie Crossley

We had our alpha test for Comrade Quest on Tuesday. We definitely have some things to improve on, but overall I think it went well.

Gameplay Screenshots:

What I’ve been up to:
As the game’s level designer, I have been responsible for designing and prototyping maps, scripting basic mechanics, and playtesting the game. Over the course of the semester, I have designed multiple paper maps, implemented these designs in Unity, and made many passes refining the level. I have worked with our game designers to improve the design and feel of the level, as well as identify and fix various bugs. I have also helped the programming team by refining collision and scripting preliminary versions of mechanics, including the head jump, doors, switches, beets, platforms, and smashers. I have implemented various animations, sounds, and art assets.

Breakdown of the Alpha level: (Click to enlarge)
CQ alpha breakdown

How I feel about the state…

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