Better Tools, Better Art

Great news!

I am now the proud owner of an Intuos tablet! No more Bamboo Craft or buggy driver issues for me (hopefully)! With the Intuos drawing curved lines is much smoother, which I love. I’m also enjoying the heightened pressure sensitivity, because it was lacking in the Bamboo Craft. Now I can spend less time fixing grainy lines and more time on other parts of the drawing process. Lesson learned: when you have better tools, you produce better art.


Now that I have new hardware, here is what I’ve been working on- she’s a type of Japanese shrine maiden called a miko. I got the idea for her when I was sitting passenger on a trip through New Mexico. Not sure how I was inspired to draw a Japanese character when going through New Mexico, but whatever. Maybe it was something I ate. Eventually I’ll use this piece for a character icon in an upcoming card game project. I’ll update with a new post as soon as I’m done with drawing her. Until then, thanks for reading!

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Special Halloween Post- Megalomania Live On Kickstarter!

Hello readers!

It’s been awhile! The past two months I’ve been helping Last Minute Games create icons for their card game Megalomania. It’s a super-villain themed card game with a wicked sense of humor- and it’s really fun too! Definitely a must if you’re going to have a group over for a party.

It’s being funded is through Kickstarter, and last time I checked Last Minute Games has made about $2,200 out of it’s $10,000 goal. I think they can achieve their goal by December 1st, but donating to their campaign is not something you want to put off- especially when you have the opportunity to get one of their awesome T-shirts at the $50 level! (designed by my fellow designer friend Cara Curley!) All donations are welcome at any level, but if you can’t donate at least spread the word!

Megalomania Kickstarter Campaign

In non-Megalomania news, I’ll be posting a new blog update every other Saturday (with some surprises thrown in between). Expect the next post to roll around November 14th!

And also, Happy Halloween!

Post commandeered by the US Claire Force